Our New Banner-As-Posts Exchange

Welcome to Investorblogger.com

I’m interested in doing a banner post exchange, and will feature banners as posts for those of my readers wishing to exchange with me. To do the exchange, just copy the image as a banner above and make the link on your website. When done, email me at kennethdickson_at_gmail.com with the your website, the exchange site banner location and details.I’m especially willing to link to PFblogs, tech blogs, etc. sites of interest to my readers*.This service is for non-commercial sites.

Commercial sites may contact me for further information as a banner as a post costs $5.00 for a one year posting with no further text. If I approve the link, I will contact you within 48 hours.

*I will not link to any sites that promote porn, hate or racism or otherwise contravene my webhost TOS.

update: it seems that this promotion tool is kind of passe! That doesn’t bother me! I like banners! It brightens up my blog! So banners away! Don’t be shy. Email me, or comment me or ‘contact me‘ or visit this thread.