Bloggers Block: I got it… But it’s not infectious!

Life gets busy, and suddenly a day’s posting seems too much like a burden! Then it’s a second day, and suddenly a third. Your blog begins to look like Christmas Turkey around about New Year!

How do you keep up the blogging habit when you are facing life’s pressures? So many blogs get started and after a few postings (or many), the interest dies, the fire goes out, … why?

I nearly gave up blogging several times over the two and a half years since I started. If you look at my other blog carefully over the years, you’ll see there are gaps of sometimes weeks. I nearly did the same thing this time. I was very diligent over the last few weeks since the end of Chinese New Year, to get up early and blog for about 2 hours in the morning. But then on Wednesday, I started getting up later, and making excuses, and not concentrating… And so the spiral began again.

But this time has to be so different. This time I am not giving in as there is much more at stake: my blog has begun to attract significant traffic with a rising PR rank, Alexa rank, and Technorati rating. So I have to force myself to post, to get over the hump!

So if you are facing this trial, too. Then you are not alone. All bloggers face this dilemma from time to time. Should I stop? I’ll just skip this once! Why bother? What am I going to write about now?

But this is a negative frame of mind. And one that can be surmounted. Problogger has some tips on Bloggers’ Block! Now that has to be an inspiration. I found tips #2 and #13 quite useful: keeping an idea journal and finding your golden hour !

How did you survive Bloggers’ Block? What kept you going? Comment me your own experiences! I’d love to hear from you!