TLA and ReviewME: striking out right now!

Text Link Ads and ReviewME are two great websites for advertisers and for bloggers. They offer advertisers convenient and fixed price methods (not CPC) for attracting a readership to their websites. As a blogger, also, there are opportunities for revenue generation. With ReviewME, it is paid reviews that you can choose to accept or not. TLA provides text links for websites that individually generate revenue.

In fact, both of them have generated some revenue for me, about $60 in total. TLA was in fact three times as successful for me as ReviewME. However, that is because I blew a review opportunity. Oh, well.

However, I did note one HUGE mistake that I made with my descriptions for both of these websites: one that perhaps resulted in loss of opportunities. My text introduction used to be about 150 words or more! I didn’t realize that other websites had much shorter introductions, often about 30 words or less. That’s just enough that can be taken in at a single glance!

I guess the result is: if you can’t summarize your blog’s essence in less than 30 words, then something is wrong. Most likely, it’s a lack of focus! So I learned. I shortened it considerably. I’ll let you know if it’s successful or not. Anyway, here is the shortened version:

Investorblogger ties money management, investing, blogging and tech together, as I explore my financial insights, mistakes, and experiences over the years of my ‘Random Walk To Wealth!’.

Perhaps it still needs work. I read John Chow’s on ReviewME . It’s shorter by 10% than my, including the words “Dot Com Mogul John Chow”!

So still some way to go, eh!