Of talk, income and software: Reading for April 20th-22nd, 2007.

I don’t do this very often, though I should. I’m publishing some links to some interesting stories for you to check out this weekend. Once you read them, do please come back! So subscribe to our feed so you don’t miss anything!

Our first story is from Genius Types and highlights how talk really is cheap. Dealing with many different types of people from my professional, business and personal lives, I have learned how some talk and sound like savage guard dogs, or wise and knowledgeable types, only to discover that their actions didn’t live upto their own hype. A colleague, for example, who is typically late for appointments, and not just by the polite 5 or 10 minutes, regularly claims that s/he has no time for people who are late, has no respect for them either, and will not wait for them. Lately, I’ve come to judge people who do first, then talk about things later. Hence, I’ve told very few people about this blog, and how it’s really becoming something I love doing. Only about four people really know anything about it. I just don’t want to blab about things anymore. Genius Types Entry is called Don’t Tell Me What You Are Going to Do.

The second story is from a very new blog, called Self Made Minds, and focuses on Passive/Active income. There is quite a long entry that I’m composing now on this topic, one that I have been reminded of just in the past few months: How Long Will You Trade Hours for Money. In the article, you will find some examples of how to magnify your earning power instead of just having a 1:1 relationship: 1 hour of your time produces one unit of your income. And believe me, teachers, lawyers, McDonald’s workers, etc., we’re all in the same boat, albeit at different payscales.

The third story is more like a project article. It looks at software that will help you to manage private ads on your blog or website. OpenAds is the renamed software (used to be known as PHPADSNEW2.0). The article offers help step by step on implementing your first campaign on the advertising system. Naturally, this is an intriguing system but you have to be running your own server (hosted website, virtual host, or managed host) to be able to use this. Should be a good software to install and have fun with. I am considering its adoption for one of my client’s website some time within six months as his forum grows.  The article is entitled Managing Private Ads with OpenAds.

Do you have any suggested reading for this weekend? If you do, please link to this discussion.