Learning PHP? Open Technology Group – Basic to Advanced Courses at Great Prices!

Do you blog? Do you use WordPress or a similar PHP based CMS on your own hosted server? There must be times when, like me, you know what you want to do, but you can’t do it. You can probably edit simple PHP instructions, enough to add lines of code to (dare I say, perhaps?) the right place…? But there are times that I really would like to know more, so I was pleased to find an offer from OTG’s PHP Training solutions to blog about them. If you are looking for PHP training, then Open Technology Group’s Zend Certified PHP MySQL Course may be the best solution for you.

For me, given my poor PHP skills, I’d be taking the basic course called “Zend PHP Essentials (3 days)”

PHP Essentials is a complete introductory course to the Zend PHP language. It includes coverage of all areas for both version 4 and 5 of the language and provides the student with the necessary tools to write Zend PHP scripts that are secure, efficient, and reliable.3-classroom

After that, I might take a more advanced level course than that, but I can’t decide which course would be best. Suggestions? Anyway, this company provides on-site instruction for 4 or more students at discounted prices (did I say ‘nice!’?).

If you are interested in attending any Zend PHP MYSQL courses you can also choose to attend some rather nice looking facilities at Morrisville, NC. The building is modern looking but most importantly, you are using good quality systems with the latest software from both Microsoft and Linux, including the latest in industry software, including (but not limited to) SUSE Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Slackware, Fedora Core, Red Hat Linux, the latest Microsoft software; and great hardward, with Dell Dimension 5150 Workstations with 3.0 GHz, 64-Bit, Pentium 4 Processors, 2 GB of RAM, 19″ Dell LCD Monitors, with ATI Radeon Video Cards (128 MB of VRAM).

If you are interested in affordable courses, then Open Technology Group’s options for on-site or at the facility may be ideal for your company.

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