Good Reading – Fear and the risk of fear!

Fear Can Cost You Money

A recent article shows how fear can lead us to make the wrong decisions. This is true for financial decisions as well.

How Americans Are Living Dangerously

It would be a lot easier to enjoy your life if there weren’t so many things trying to kill you every day.

OLPC vs. iPhone
Which of these two items will have a bigger impact?

Should Oil Be $40 or $70?
Declining Commodity Prices Signify Weakening Economy

Blog Views or Page Views
Does it really matter how high it is?

It’s All Donald, All The Time
Donald Trump provides a look at his finances. But should we believe this showman or not?

Sweet Revenge
BusinessWeek Mag looks at “The power of retribution, spite, and loathing in the world of business”. Makes good reading!

The Small Fry Sour On Search Ads
Online Search Ads drive out smaller retailers, where next for them?

Stock Picking Strategy: Dogs of the Dow
Blueprint for Financial Prosperity looks at this old strategy… Should you?
Good Reading