Income Streams: Look how John Chow is doing!

Is it really possible to make money blogging? John Chow’s example provides you with a clear example of how

it is possible to earn more than $3000 a month by blogging. He detailed how much he has made by blogging over the last three months. It would be a good idea to read the full post on his blog for yourself. I won’t really summarize the blog either here. I will state some things that surprised me.

1. it surprised me how quickly his revenue grew from the time he started earning money last year.

2. it also surprised me how much non-Google related earnings actually contributed to his revenue.

3. his income sources for the blog actually were quite varied. It made me think that with such a diversified set of incomes, he wasn’t too dependent on the fluctuations of one source or the vagaries of Google’s Adsense program.

  • Direct Ad Sales: $750.00
  • Text Links Ads: $621.68
  • Affiliate Sales: $545.00
  • Google AdSense: $536.58
  • Vibrant IntelliTXT: $478.18
  • TTZ Media: $183.54
  • FeedBurner Ads: $175.68
  • ReviewMe: $150.00

4. his affiliate sales were quite high. I haven’t made more than $15 from affiliate sales in all the years I’ve had affiliate links.

5. Text Link Ads are a very good way to monetize your blog.

Overall, his performance has been wonderful. Here are some comments from other bloggers. I’ll be updating my own figures in a few days for comparison! Let me know what you think!