Payperpost: a good way to make some dosh for bloggers?

By | February 5, 2007

Disclosure: Yes, I do sometimes post blog posts that are sponsored by companies who have arranged opportunities through Payperpost. And yes, there is a PPP referal image on the right column. But clicking links in this post won’t generate any revenue for me at all.

I’ve been a member of Payperpost for nearly six months now. During that time, I’ve earned nearly $700 over that time by posting opportunities on both blogs, so yes, this way of creating an extra cash flow really does work. During that time, Payperpost has paid me promptly for each post within 30 or so days. So this system works and works well.


  1. trustworthy;
  2. pays after 30 days via Paypal;
  3. good selection of posts to write about;
  4. you can post upto twice on each blog in 24 hours;
  5. regularly posting for PPP really helps you write regularly, which in turn helps drive your blog;
  6. the extra postings can drive extra traffic to your blog;
  7. a lively community you can join for free;
  8. and certainly for ‘smaller’ bloggers, much more choice than any other paid blogging system I have used, so far.


  1. it’s not automatic;
  2. payouts are smallish generally, esp. when you consider that these posts will remain on most people’s blogs permanently;
  3. sometimes there aren’t so many good opportunities;
  4. there’s no repeat payment, unlike ads on Adsense;
  5. you may not write EXACTLY as you wish, though you can choose which opps you want;
  6. the advertisers and editors may reject your postings for some reasons, though you can edit them;
  7. and you need to have had a blog that has been established for at least 90 days before you can actively participate in the PPP system.

Overall, though, I have a good experience, and the negatives have been hugely outweighed by the positives, my readership is up, my blog is MUCH more focused, and my Alexa ranking has improved. In addition, my revenue from the blog is slowly improving, too. So, it is worth considering this as a way to generate additional revenue for yourself.

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