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Does your business or home business adequately back up its data? Let’s imagine a scenario where one day you go into work, and all your pcs are gone! Not only have you lost the hardware (which can be replaced at some expense, perhaps even with an insurance policy), but your data is likely gone, too. Who’s going to replace your data now? Where is your back up data?

If this seems far fetched as a story. Consider this: it happened to a friend of mine in Taipei. He ran a small school and he had quite an expensive set up for his computing facilities. In addition, he was in the middle of writing a series of text books for his students, one that he was intending to publish once it was gone.

Well the thieves (some young ‘uns with a hankering for pc games) broke into through an upstairs unsecured door and they made off with all the hardware they could find AND all the CD-roms that he had backed up his data on, INCLUDING, of course, his unfinished textbooks. Although his backups were made, they were not offsite, thus negating some of the benefits of making copies. Boom! All gone.


He had made some printouts of his work, but he had lost almost all of his recent work, including business accounts, email, addresses, etc..

Nowadays, it’s much easier to create an offsite backup with an Online Backup service for your business. It’s certainly much more effective than putting copies of your CD-roms right beside the PC! It even functions just like a drive on your pc:


Additionally, you can schedule backups automatically to ease the strain and allow you to focus on managing your business, not your pcs. Access is also facilitated via a web-browser, so you can find the stuff, should you not be at your workplace.

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How my life insurance came in handy: AmericaDirect.com

When I first met my wife in Taipei, she was a life insurance saleswoman for Aetna Life Insurance. She naturally tried to sell me some life insurance and got me what she thought was a low term life insurance rate for my policy, as she was just learning the trade. The other possible reason for trying to sell me on this is that she just wanted my telephone number!

Of course, I was the somewhat reluctant customer… there’s nothing wrong with me… I’m going to live for ever 29-year-old! To persuade me to buy it, she signed me up and paid the first contribution for me! That was not a little money, but it gave her peace of mind!

Funny thing is: about two years later, after a very hectic and stressful period of my life, my body was physically run down! I got pneumonia, ended up in hospital for 10 days, with a raging fever; and needed fairly powerful medications. This was all in the days before Taiwan’s National Health Insurance. When we went to check out, we paid the bill for that hospitalization, and it wasn’t cheap, something like half a month’s salary, plus I didn’t make any money for about two weeks or thereabouts.

After contacting our then insurance agent (wife was now an English teacher!), we were covered in full almost for the illness. When the check came, it was a might relief! That was handy. Handy, indeed. Next time, I took better care of myself, too!

Nowadays, though, I don’t have to meet someone on a bus just to get good life insurance coverage, I can just find online term life insurance rates and get instant insurance life quotes at the click of a button. However you decide to get life insurance, having appropriate life insurance can really make a big difference when things go bad.

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Going Green: Help to make some green $$$ for a charity!

Many of us work at home kind of bloggers use Laser printers a great deal! Even though we live in the digital age, we seem to produce even more papers than ever! So those old cartridges tend to lie around my office for ages, before I can figure out what to do with them! It’s not that I’m lazy, just forgetful! I know which stores have a recycling program! But when I go there, I always forget to pack up the old cartridge!

Now I’m guessing with the money available for recycling such items, a lot of volunteer groups could easily generate additional revenue to fund their activities, just by going round to small offices and homes and publicizing a pick-up service! FundingFactory will provide all the promotional materials and shipping. So there’s no real cash outlay at the beginning, but a nice check at the end!

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