The Blogging Habit: Always a penny short and a day late!

Well, that should be the motto of this blog! I’m trying to set a regular posting schedule but it’s just not working at the moment. I’m sure you all have seen my erratic postings, some days 6 somedays 1. I don’t think that this is a good thing over the long run.

I should try to pace myself more and that will benefit readers as well as me. Also, I don’t have any spare postings, just lots of stubs! In other words, there are no spare postings that would allow me to schedule, say tomorrow’s, postings. I always seem to be posting yesterday’s posts! Aha!

So here is my action plan. Find a quiet time to do postings in the morning, every day.

  1. Write or finish two good postings for the blog.
  2. Create two new stubs for possible topics.
  3. Find two good postings to comment on.

I found that I am quite comfortable typing at about 8-9am when my other half isn’t awake yet.