Do you want to be counseled by Robert Kiyosaki?

By | July 28, 2007

Here’s an interesting article called ‘Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur?’ that investigates Robert Kiyosaki: from ABC News.

How easy is it to make money? If someone handed you $1,000 and gave you 20 days to turn a profit, would you have any idea where to start? “20/20” challenged three would-be entrepreneurs to find out. To give them guidance we brought in famous get-rich guru Robert Kiyosaki to offer them his secrets for money-making success.

It throws down a challenge to three contestants who are counseled by the Guru and examines what happens to them over 20 days.

For more about what happens, it’s worth reading the full story. And yes, I know it’s an old story, but still! I hadn’t seen it before!

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