Five ideas for ‘short’ posts: What to post when you are out of ideas!

I’ve been blogging on almost daily basis for nearly a year now, and there have been times when I had some good posts that just weren’t ready, some good ideas that were still gestating, and I was stuck.  This must happen to all bloggers at times: so I have created a list of types of posts that you can add when you’re next post is still not finished.

1. Find a clip on YouTube or one of the other video sites that is somehow relevant. Add some of your own comments!

2. Find a quotation that you like and that is appropriate to your blog. I’ve used this on some occasions.

3. You can post a photograph or two that you took recently, to inspire or entertain your readers!

4.  Post a question for discussion, esp. a controversial one, and elicit a chain of responses.

5.  Write a 50 word post on one of the following: a plugin you use, a news story you just read, or something similar.

I hope this little post inspires you all!

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