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Buzz: Google Docs adds Charting …

For those Google Apps fans out there, Google has just added charting to the functions of the spreadsheet. I’ve added a few images to show what it looks like. Here’s what they say: Now it’s easy to show data in simple graphics to friends or co-workers with charts. Select from various styles to meet your visualization needs. Now… Read More »

We’re Back… and it was easy this time!

Thanks for your patience as I updated my blog. The problem I was experiencing was that my plugins page wouldn’t load. I checked through the Domains to see which version of PHP I was using. Dreamhost had updated to version 5.2.1 and obviously something in WP at least in the plugins I had installed was quite incompatible with… Read More »

Buzz: OpenOffice 2.2 released in the wild

OpenOffice Version 2.2 is now out. It’s official. I’m now downloading the version as we speak, thanks to Digital Nomad’s website! It fixes some vulnerabilities in the software, as well as enhancing the fonts to make for better reading. While it doesn’t have the complete range of tools that Microsoft Office has, we’ve been running it in our… Read More »

SMF, TinyPortal and Aero Theme: Add a community to your blog!

Over the years, I have worked with several different forum softwares: SMF, PunBB, PHPBB2, and as a user vBulletin. One of my customers wanted to upgrade his forums on his hosting plan after using PHPBB2 for a while. He needed to grow his forums a little more and add features to his groups, including attachments, sophisticated group management,… Read More »

DI-524: The Worst Router in the World?

D-Link systems are the proud manufacturers of perhaps one of the worst performing wireless routers… yes, the DI-524 model. You see, I bought their DI-624 and was quite happy with its performance, simplicity and stability. Of course, it was the first one I bought, so I thought all D-Link systems were good. But then I bought the DI-524.… Read More »