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Technology Enables and Disables at the same time!

Technology is kind of like a drug at times, as a user or patient, your use of technology empowers you to do new things: to create a blog and update it easily and quickly without so much as a second thought! But when it goes wrong, it really disables you! You can no longer do anything that you… Read More »

Three Stats Plugins: SlimStat, TD WordCount and Stats Plugin

An interesting alternative to some of the stats packages I’ve been using. Give it the once over then decide if you like it! SlimStat — A simple web stats analyser based on ShortStat. If you would rather try another package, here are two that I like: 1.  TD Word Count for counting words in your posts! It says… Read More » Autobury – undoing the voice of the people!

A disturbing story about It is no longer (if ever it was) democratic or fair. Digg.coms Autobury Secret Blacklist…Are you still being banned by automatic burying? I’m not sure that I would ever want this site to be dugg to the front page, though there is a digg button on the bottom of every post! It seems… Read More »

TheOpenCD: making it easy to find the best opensource software

There is so much opensource software available these days that you can pretty much find an equivalent product to something from Microsoft or another major software company. The problem is that it is difficult to find the software. Some of the databases and websites list hundreds, even thousands of projects. So how do you find opensource software without… Read More »

PHP: Cheesecake Photoblog Software

I found this rather interesting alternative to Gallery and Coppermine! I’m going to try it out! Naturally, my fondness for things with cream cheese drew my attention immediately to this PhotoBlog software, called Cheesecake Photoblog Software. I had a look at the Demo of the software and was attracted by its simplicity. It really puts the photography up… Read More »

Buzz: $99 – it can buy you a PC!

This is looking like a very interesting idea, a pc with online storage all running under Linux without a hard drive! All for $99, or a little more if you don’t purchase online service. The Net is the PC. It runs Gentoo, 4GB flash memory on a small with a monthly service fee of $12.95 for 25GB. It’s… Read More »