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Making Money: EntreCards Launches Ad Network

I’ve been running a small EC promotion for the past few months, and I’ve had over 20 signups for my mailing list! Thanks, guys! Of course, I’m still running the promotion so there’s still time to make a little extra EC before you are able to sell them starting next week! Sign up now! Oh, and the feed’s… Read More »

Affiliate Marketing 101: Getting my feet wet!

A friend of mine has been making some progress in his quest to generate meaningful affiliate income. Me? None whatsoever. I just checked my stats at Clickbank to see what had been going on. In the last 30 days, I generated over 100 clicks or more but not a single sale. And that’s been like that for several… Read More »

UnBlockable Popup and CBEnging Membership Sale

As you know, I’ve been pretty interested in affiliate stuff for a while now, though I’ve had no success to speak off promoting ClickBank products yet. But still, this caught my eye! Lifetime CBengine Membership Sale! 10 Days Only! Many CBengine members have expressed displeasure about having to be bothered to renew their CBengine memberships. They’re busy; they… Read More »

Great Buzz, Lots of Hype, and Buggy Registration Pages

Over the past few months, I’ve been increasing my interest in affiliate marketing as it becomes quite clear how much money can be made in this way. I’ve already had some success with Amazon’s program, and I’ve experimented with some of the other big name programs. One of the problems is finding reputable names that are easy for… Read More »

Affiliate Success: Success with the Amazon Program

I’ve surprised myself. I’ve had some affiliate success, and it was almost by accident. All courtesy of perhaps the most venerable member of the affiliate community, Amazon, and a whiz of a piece of software called Associate-o-Matic. I always swore that if I ended up making the price of the software, I’d be in for buying. Well, so… Read More »

Dead End Blogging: Don’t get screwed, get informed on who pays what, when and how

In Dead End Blogging , I introduced the concept of the Blogging BlackHole. Today, I’m going to look at the Money PotHoles that you will likely encounter as you drive up Dead End Lane. We’ll Look After Your Money There are many sites out there that provide services to bloggers, some for free and some for money. In… Read More »

Video: Getting Started with Adsense

John Chow doesn’t use Google Ads anymore but it is still a good way to get started making money on your blog, even though you may not want to rely 100% on Adsense. Watch the video and see if it makes sense for your website:

June Income Report on InvestorBlogger Dot Com

It’s July 1st, we’ve reached the half-way through the year, and the stockmarkets are in a dive, ad revenues are falling, and oil is way up! How are we doing on InvestorBlogger? Well, in some ways it’s a very mixed bag.. here goes… Background In June, as many of you know, I spent nearly a week re-arranging the… Read More »

Blogging For The Money: Don’t just do it for the money! Enjoy it…

It’s true, I’m not a mommy blogger, nor even a mommy, nor even a woman… but can a ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ blogger make any money with SocialSpark? In this post, I’m sorry to disappoint some of you! After using SocialSpark for about three months on and off, it really depends! It depends on a number of factors, some… Read More »