Coffee Website Revival Part 1: October 2019 Update

So the website/blog on coffee that I started many years ago is slowly reviving. But Google is as fickle as ever.

I managed to work the content organization finally on WordPress. The categories with my theme are just awful. So I co-opted the pages and made new silos under pages. I highly recommend Site Origin Builder

It really helps to do lay out nice pages that are theme independent. I also tightened up the number of categories, and pushed all of the post into one of the siloes.

Traffic is still only about 1/2 what it was… but now I only have 20% of the content (pages) that I had a few years ago. I’ve been slowly combining short posts with longer posts on targeted keywords…

Keywords were also a problem: I discovered I had a lot of thin content, a lot of content with the same ideas, and a lot of keywords that were only different by virtue of grammar. I got rid of most of those.

I’ve pretty much given up on driving pages with brands, unless someone can show me a viable keyword strategy. Google now prefers brands.
With relatively fewer pages, I will be able to make each page shine much more. I really like Matthew Woodward’s style of layout. So I shall borrow liberally the techniques.

Update you in a month or two. Thanks for your support!

Sometimes you just have to fire a business associate!

Linkworth used to be a fairly reliable advertising partner on InvestorBlogger… but then they forgot to pay up for their share. I’m pretty sure they kept the money from the client, but just ‘forgot’ to pay their partner. …

In past years, I would just send them a ticket… but nearly 75 days have passed since the last ticket… no answer. Ticket #2 was posted with everything. 48 hours passed… no answer. While you might think I was hasty, this is in fact money outstanding from  2017 and even 2016. So really tardy!

But I’m not the only person having trouble getting paid from them, too.

“Thank you for taking the time to read this update. Unfortunately, I have decided to withdraw my site(s) from LinkWorth’s market because the invoices are overdue by 180+ days. There is no point so I have canceled the advert, and removed the site from your directory.

I have double-checked the monies received columns @ Paypal and can now confirm that 70+ days have passed since my initial query regarding outstanding payments from 08/10/2017 for

****-31 120961 $ 33.19 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 PayPal 08/10/2017 View Invoice

“Posted on: 05 April 2018 04:59 PM Account ID: 6**6 Account Username: ***—————————— I’m chasing up missing payment of $33.10 from last year. ****-31 120961 $ 33.19 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 PayPal 08/10/2017 View Invoice Todate this amount has not been forwarded to my paypal account for this account. Please advise when this can be done… etc.etc.”

In other words, the payment is now 10 months overdue. To you perhaps, $33.10 is a small amount of money; but to me, it represents an unwillingness to honor the terms of your agreement with me.

On further research, I discovered that there is an additional payment of $45.00 also outstanding from either of the following (NOT BOTH)

****-30 119044 $ 47.50 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 PayPal 11/10/2016 View Invoice
****-29 118751 $ 47.50 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 PayPal 10/10/2016 View Invoice

A payment was made on 11/11 to my paypal account, I don’t know which of these invoices it is in respect of. It doesn’t matter because there is a further invoice outstanding as well.

So for the total of $80.69 outstanding, I now demand immediate and full payment. I would like to resume our business relationship, but your choice to defer payments without adequate explanation or excuse suggests that you’re not in a position to.

Do me the courtesy of advising me whether payment is possible or not.

Yours Kenneth @ InvestorBlogger”

There is little leverage I have right now except to share it on my site. I don’t have the legal means to chase $80, so I have to let it go. But it is a reminder that in business, whoever takes the money late takes the biggest risk.

How To Create Multiple Streams of Income

create multiple streams of income

Tips on how to create multiple streams of income

Do you need to know how to create multiple streams of income so you can ensure that you will always have cash flowing in. The future isn’t always easy to predict. Companies, and even entire industries, that were once thriving have crumpled in a matter of years.

Markets can change and investments that seem sound can fall through. Because of this, you should try to provide yourself & your family with as much security as possible.

When you have multiple sources of revenue, you will never be completely destroyed by a job loss or market downturns. You will have a source of income no matter what happens, and a degree of certainty in a time of volatility.

In this report, I have identified four different revenue streams that can help you to create income sources that go beyond your day job. When implemented, these strategies will help you save for retirement while keeping yourself financially solvent.

1. Forex Trading

The values of currencies are constantly rising and falling. If you learn to read the foreign exchange market, you can profit on these fluctuations by buying and selling various types of currency.

Although the forex market can be a valuable source of income, it is also possible for you to sustain financial losses there. Because of this, it is best for you to start by opening a demo account. This will allow you to practice forex training without taking on any sort of personal risk.

Once you are able to consistently make a profit, choose a broker and get to work. Most brokers offer some kind of mini account, which will allow you to start trading with a very small investment. Later on, as profits increase, you can invest more money and take bigger risks.

But it’s the risk of loss that may mean this is not a suitable option for you. Leverage is the means by which you can increase your returns, however the risk increases and can wipe out not just any profit, but also your entire investment.

2. Invest In Real Estate

In most areas, the real estate market still favors buyers. A smart entrepreneur can acquire a piece of property for a reasonable price and turn it into a consistent form of income.

There are two main strategies when it comes to profiting off real estate. Sometimes you “flip” properties. This involves buying a property that is in need of renovations or repairs, then selling it at a higher price once remodeling work has been done.

You will need to determine how much renovations work needs to be done, be strict on your budgeting, and good at negotiating your exit price.

The other option is to become a landlord. Both commercial and home real estate can provide consistent income from tenants. Although this can be a major expense up front, it can be an excellent stream of revenue later on. Anyone thinking about profiting off real estate needs to think about what kind of return you will be getting on any investments you make. Prospective landlords should ensure that the property will be easy to rent and won’t need a lot of maintenance work.

Although it is not necessary for you to make a profit immediately, do your homework to ensure that you will eventually gain money off of the investment, not lose it (this goes with any ‘investment’!). While real estate can be a headache, it can eventually become a full-time source of income.

3. Stock Investing

While the majority of you are familiar with stocks, few have a diverse and thriving stock portfolio. The barrier to stock investing may seem high on the surface, but joining the stock market is less of a challenge than it might seem.

The first step for any would-be investor will be to open a brokerage account. Most brokers require a minimum investment up front but that investment typically does not have to be more than a few hundred dollars.

Anyone choosing a broker will have to decide between a broker with a physical office and an online broker. Online brokers often charge less and have lower minimums but rarely provide the one-on-one service that a broker can in-person.

After a broker has been chosen and an investment has been made, an entrepreneur can begin buying and selling stock. Investors should research stocks beforehand and should also try to evaluate the various trading options. It’s best to research the market carefully before making a move.

While movies and television often depict you buying and selling stock at a frantic rate, it usually makes more sense to hold on to the stock you have. If the stock that has been purchased is doing well, the buyer will be paid dividends. This can be an excellent source of revenue.

4. Building a Website Business

Unlike many other potential revenue streams, a website requires you to invest time rather than money. Because of this, it can seem like an ideal money-making technique to you with little to invest.

However, it is important for you to remember that few websites become profitable overnight. Most sites will not bring any sort of significant income in their first six months. you also need to keep in mind that in order to attract visitors, a site will need to provide something valuable. Sites that contain helpful information or entertaining content have a much higher chance of success.

The main sources of revenue for most sites are affiliate marketing and advertising. Affiliate marketing requires a site owner to promote a third-party’s product or services using a link. If visitors follow that link and make a purchase, the site owner can earn a commission.

If a site manages to build an audience, entrepreneurs will have several other earning options available to them. Many site owners use their site as a platform to sell some kind of product or service. E-books are very popular, as are instructional videos.

Sites may also get request from businesses to create sponsored content. The business will pay the owner a fee in order to create content that specifically promotes their products. Although this can be an excellent source of income, it can also turn off a site’s regular visitors.

Running a successful website requires a great deal of passion on the part of the owner. No one should start a site unless you have an idea that you are legitimately excited about.

How to create multiple streams of income, it’s just sensible

Entrepreneurs should carefully evaluate all of their options before making investments. Once you have started to see a consistent profit from one stream of revenue, you can learn more about how to create multiple streams of income. In time, you will have a number of sources of income and will have a great deal of financial freedom because of it.

Author Biography

Beth Hicks is a successful business owner who enjoys writing in her spare time. Check out for tips and advice for anyone who wants to learn more about Forex.