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The DEAL – Would you buy an extra car parking space?

I was emptying the mail at school today, when I picked up a flyer that had a picture of a car on the front. I scanned the Chinese, immediately noting that they were offering parking lots for sale in our building. So I began to wonder if it’s a good way or not to make a little extra… Read More »

May Income on InvestorBlogger Dot Com

This month has been pretty quiet on InvestorBlogger Dot Com, though we managed to notch up another better than average month. I’m facing one really big challenge right to creating additional revenue: a sheer lack of time. I have about 10~12 hours a week that I spend on this blog, but I’m beginning to see HOW much I… Read More »

Stock Brokers: Which online brokers can YOU use?

There’re a lot of good sources of information on brokers for those who live (‘reside’) in the UK or US. But what about those of us who “don’t qualify”? Are you NOT a US Resident? Oops, I’m sorry… We can’t help you. Look no further. I’ve done a little research from the SmartMoney’s Annual Broker Survey, and not… Read More »

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

About the author: Emilia Johansson works with on a daily basis. She has many years of experience in affiliate marketing and has been working with different online projects since 1998. What can we never can get enough of? For sure, it’s time and money. It’s sad to see that a big part of the American population spend… Read More »

Financial Bearings: Where am I heading?

I have been an online investor since 1998, but I have yet to make any serious money. I invested in the run up to the millennium, only to find myself too busy to take care of my stocks in the months following the peak. At one point, my holdings reached nearly $21K in value, but then in 2002… Read More »

Making a Newsletter: Tips on Making One for your Business

It’s time to do our new business newsletter. We’ve had quite a few problems with this issue but it’s finally done… I can breathe a little when the new newsletter is done. Summer is coming and this is the best time to promote our business as our target parents are now looking for schools for the summer and… Read More »

Profile: Ron Sim – Chairman of OSIM International Ltd

You can see them everywhere… They look scary… But they are popular and expensive. What are they? Massage Chairs of course. This ad is running on Taiwan’s site advertising a chair for Mother’s Day, though it is quite pricey. Since this video is not available on YouTube, I find the video is a little choppy. You can watch… Read More »

Success online and offline – or how to earn an extra $10K!

Welcome, Readers! If you’ve never visited this blog before, why not come on in! Today’s post is all about the landmark that I just reached! $10,059 (US$) But before that you can read about this blog, and some of the great posts here. Or you can try out one of these two great ways to keep up with… Read More »

What advertising works on this blog?

I’ve been updating my own advertising blocks recently with a variety of different means. I’d like to present a short summary of my impressions of what advertising works or doesn’t (this is third party advertising not advertising sold directly through my own page). Here are some notes. I’ve accorded each a status out of five points to help… Read More »