Coffee Website Revival Part 1: October 2019 Update

So the website/blog on coffee that I started many years ago is slowly reviving. But Google is as fickle as ever.

I managed to work the content organization finally on WordPress. The categories with my theme are just awful. So I co-opted the pages and made new silos under pages. I highly recommend Site Origin Builder

It really helps to do lay out nice pages that are theme independent. I also tightened up the number of categories, and pushed all of the post into one of the siloes.

Traffic is still only about 1/2 what it was… but now I only have 20% of the content (pages) that I had a few years ago. I’ve been slowly combining short posts with longer posts on targeted keywords…

Keywords were also a problem: I discovered I had a lot of thin content, a lot of content with the same ideas, and a lot of keywords that were only different by virtue of grammar. I got rid of most of those.

I’ve pretty much given up on driving pages with brands, unless someone can show me a viable keyword strategy. Google now prefers brands.
With relatively fewer pages, I will be able to make each page shine much more. I really like Matthew Woodward’s style of layout. So I shall borrow liberally the techniques.

Update you in a month or two. Thanks for your support!