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Credit Card Bills: May 2008

Well, it’s here… It’s the latest credit card bill, and I was horrified/pleased… I took one look at the total, and I was staggered. Over NT$15,000, and I can’t remember why… Oh, wait! I’m looking at one of them… Oops! Both. So what happened? Yes, that’s right… each one cost NT$6500 and I bought TWO… Was I crazy?… Read More »

That’s $900 off! Twisting Language in the Stores of America

Have you ever looked at advertisements carefully? Next time you do… look carefully at the wording, and how they twist common words and phrases that play with your ideas. Amazon is by no means unique in this respect. Let’s take a classic example: You’ll notice in the ad how we are encouraged to ‘save money’. That’s a great… Read More »

Video: Good Advice for ALL Credit Card Applicants

This video from YouTube provides some good advice for Wednesday on Credit Card Gotchas. In the five minute video, Steve Diggs provides ideas about five important things you need to note: grace periods, 2-cycle average daily balance, . pre-approved card tricks, “fixed rates” periods, and default rate trap. Watch the video for some good advice. And remember you… Read More »

Three Effective Rules for Credit Card Security – Take care of your cards NOW

Credit card security is something we all have to think of. It doesn’t take much to protect our credit cards from fraud and theft. A little extra thought and a few precautions will save you a lot of trouble. First, carry only the card(s) you’ll use on your shopping trip and leave the others at home. If they… Read More »

Mr Credit Card’s Survey: My Personal Answers… And yours?

I just received this email from Mr Credit Card who asked me to share my answers with him for a report he is doing. Rather than just do that, I thought I would share my answers with all of you… Mr Credit Card here. I am conducting a survey among personal finance, investment bloggers about their credit cards… Read More »

Accident Prone: And it’s not April First

Wow! I’m having a lot of accidents today. Normally I wouldn’t blog about these, but each of them is directly linked to blogging. Don’t delete that FTP user! I was clearing out the backlong of files for my server, emptying databases, and tidying up other stuff as well. Having been on Dreamhost for four years, I had accumulated… Read More »

Shopping: Are retailers driving you ‘Potty’?

Retailer’s margins are under pressure these days as prices rise, but incomes stagnate. I know that from my own wallet. Competition is intense and sometimes even the biggest retailers will resort to less than kosher methods to shift their products. You’ve got “One Chance” For those of you who like Paul Potts CD, I just bought the CD… Read More »

Money Talks: Read the fine print before you sign

While today we’re on the theme of borrowing money and credit cards, this horror story really encourages applicants to check the fine print of ANY deal that they enter into. It’s quite shocking. The upfront fees are ridiculous and the terms are such that no sane person would sign up for the deal. If you have a less… Read More »

What’s a ‘hui’? How you can borrow and lend money in China

In the modern world, credit is as essential an ‘asset’ as actual assets are. Without credit, it’s often difficult to buy the luxuries and even necessities of life. We rely on banks to provide the funds for this credit, but now credit is getting tight as banks are looking to shore up the loans on their books. Banks… Read More »