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Balance Transfer Cards: The four rules of Balance Transfer Cards.

Balance transfer cards can be a great tool for paying down debt if you choose carefully and know exactly what you’re getting. Many have 0% or very low interest rates, much less than conventional credit cards. And used properly these cards can help borrowers pay off their credit card debt much quicker… Pay Off the Balance! Most issuers… Read More »

Keep tabs on your budget: send yourself notes, SMS, even email!

In this regular feature, InvestorBlogger will publish stories and experiences that we all face everyday. This story is especially useful for those considering first time mortgages, especially those with extra frills (like credit cards, extra loans, 100%+ financing…), When I bought my house, my mortgage company offered me a credit card that seemed like a very good deal.… Read More »

Should you pay off your balance or make a minimum payment?

With a lot of people facing increased financing pressure, should you be paying off your balance vs. making minimum payments? Ideally, credit card balances should be paid in full each month. Many consumers, for whatever reason, can’t always do this. If you have a financial crisis or come up short when your credit card bill comes due, you’ll… Read More »

Is your bank book your financial statement?

Christine was in my office today. She picked up our bankbook and was looking at it. Of course, she wanted to know how much was in the bank. That’s when I realized how many people just look at their bankbook or their account statement to figure out their financial situation. This is perhaps at best an inadequate view… Read More »

Identity Theft: It Could Happen To You! Protect Yourself

Identity theft is a serious and growing crime that inflicts serious damage on over 9 million people a year in the US alone. Identity theft can be placed on a par with break-in and robbery of an individual’s home in terms of psychological effects. The financial ramifications can be far more serious than the common burglary. What is… Read More »

Not your typical Costco – or is it?

A surefire way for me to break the monthly budget is to go to Costco! Taiwan is now blessed (or cursed) with five branches, including a newly opened one in TaiChung County. I’ve been a member for a few years now, and an advocate since I discovered their hotdogs a few years earlier! Of course, having a car… Read More »

PayDay Loans: Should you use or avoid them?

Payday loans, when used sparingly and in true emergencies, can be financial lifesavers. A payday loan is funds borrowed from a lender with a promise of repayment, usually from the borrower’s next paycheck. Hence, the name payday loan. With a payday loan, there are no credit checks, no up-front costs, no sharing your financial information with others and… Read More »

February’s Credit Card Statement: NT$26,413 in 31 days!

Or in other words, how to break the bank! My wife was standing over my shoulder last time I wrote my very uneventful credit card statement for January 2008. She said in pointed tones: “Who cares about your credit card spending?”… Well, of course, I do! I usually include the credit card spending report for three reasons: 1.… Read More »

My New Wallet: Bigger, Longer and Fatter

Well, folks. I decided to get a new wallet! I outgrew my original wallet. I was quite delighted when I found this wallet in Carrefour! It was only NT$248. It has lots of pockets on the right hand side, each of which can take several cards. There’s a small pocket for change, too; though I use it for… Read More »