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Credit Card Crap: Statements ‘n’ all.

Credit card statements came in, two of them. Yes, that’s right. I’m the proud owner of 2 credit cards, soon to be three. Why? When I usually espouse having only one credit card. The first credit card is the TSIB card. Initially the limit was approaching NT$300K, but I cut that right down by 50%. I was unhappy… Read More »

Should you use savings to pay debt? It’s tempting

This is something we’re looking at right now: our mortgage rate is now rising again after rising each quarter for nearly 2 years. Would it make sense? Would it make sense? Apart from keeping some cash for emergencies… what would you do?

Budgeting Baby Steps #1: Recording Your Expenses/Income

In 2006, when I just started blogging on InvestorBlogger, I created a very simple download PDF and Excel file – a cashflow and expense calculator that was based on something I had been using for a while in my own life. I had been doing my own finances on a spreadsheet since 1996, and had refined the sheet… Read More »

Selling a house: Would you take a 100% profit?

This recent story on the Guardian Newspaper website caught my eye about negative equity. Virginia Wallis responds to a Q&A from ‘KJ’ who writes about her worries about negative equity, and unfortunately underlines the problems that house purchasers face in a bullish market that turns negative. Unfortunately the writer’s response isn’t that helpful or accurate… Go and read… Read More »

Tips on Getting a Good Balance Transfer Card

If you possess a credit card with a huge amount of debts and could only devote small monthly payments to paying off the outstanding amounts, then you might want to try balance transfers credits cards to lessen your burden. A lot of people transfer their balances from one card to another and taking advantage of new and fresh… Read More »

Welcome to BlueHost dot com

This time I’ve already set everything up and the transfer is working, though some people may still be seeing the old blog on the old site even now. I’m re-adding the plugins and theme features, though with the problems on DreamHost, I’m not sure how much I screwed up trying to get things workings properly… The first few… Read More »

Your lightbulbs: Have you changed them yet?

We’ve been swapping out our existing bulbs at school for the new energy saving bulbs, and cutting our use of energy by 40%, but we completely forgot about the 9 spotlights we put up about five years ago. Each of them has been consuming about 50W and we’ve been burning them 8-10 hours a day! It was only… Read More »

Save Money: Choose the right model, the best finances, and drive carefully!

We’ve owned a delightful car for over 3 years… This year, we’re expecting to make our final payment in about six months. We could’ve done it sooner but we decided to delay. We purchased the Mazda 323 in the 1.6 liter version. This is an older model car, and is likely to be phased out in the future,… Read More »

Welcome to Personal Finance – InvestorBlogger Style

his is my new blog, and all it’s all about Personal Finance. We’ll be exploring the world of money, savings, budgeting, expenses, and much more in the world of Personal Finance. I’ll be asking one question and looking at different answers as I ask the question: How far does your dollar travel these days? Stay tuned. Many of… Read More »