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Dreamhost: Media Tools – for your own Blog!

Dreamhost is a great host for bloggers. In fact, this blog is hosted on DreamHost. I just noted that they have added a “YouTube” type feature on their system (see their announcement). I haven’t experimented with that yet, but I’m planning to convert all my videos to this feature, because I will have more freedom on the content… Read More »

Evaluate your website with this page!

I found a great tool for InvestorBloggers to evaluate their webpages. You can have a look at it here. I’ve included two sample pictures for you to check out. My own blog only rates 3.5 out of 10! I gotta do something about it.

A Good Investment for You! Getting an MBA!

Ever thought about getting an MBA? Too busy? Too much travel? Too costly? Well, if you think that, perhaps your cost benefit analysis is skewed. Getting an mba online really can open doors for InvestorBloggers like us. Capella University offers great solutions for InvestorBloggers like us with their programs in Business and IT at graduate level. For those… Read More »

Website Streams #1: Paid Blogging

I’ve been trying different ways to create addition income from my website(s). At the moment, I’m a fan of PayperPost, ReviewMe, and Blogitive. I haven’t made a lot of money in each of them yet, as I’m still testing out the way to do this. I’m also not sure how long this junket will last. However, I do… Read More »

How do you build a good website?

So you’re starting up a blog/website… I would suggest that for visitors the key factors would be speed of loading: not too many graphics, eliminate large unnecessary graphics (esp. those in excess of a few hundred kb); accessibility – is it easy to find the key points in the website; pricing – I HATE browsing websites and finding… Read More »