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Useful Password Tip #1

Discussion for: Joomla Administrator’s Security Checklist I may get flamed for this and maybe I deserve it….LOLI am not a big fan of telling people to have 10 different passwords they use… Neither am I a fan of changing these passwords often. Changing on a monthly basis is not really effective as any brute forcing of the password… Read More »

Writely is now available…

Google has now let people with gmail accounts log in! It’s good news, I’m already experimenting with the files, and trying some simpler stuff! It’s kind of powerful, and somewhat easier to use than some of the other offerings that are currently available online. I’ve included a screenshot to show stuff I’m working on, but I think that… Read More » great website for webmasters with lots of forums and postings on how to make your website successful. Their BLURB:Welcome to, an active community of domain name owners, investors, buyers, and sellers of all kinds. You can join over 32,000 domain name owners from around the world and discuss anything about domain names and website development! To… Read More »