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Tools I no longer use: on InvestorBlogger

Hyder really got me going when he posted a list of tools he’d never use again, I’ve installed and removed dozens of scripts and I keep testing stuff out…. My list is surprisingly similar. Tools I do not use much any more SocialSpark* PerformancingAds (they lost my money)* Alexa (for increasingly inaccurate stats) TopSpots* BlogCatalog (too much like… Read More »

From internals to externals: five plugins to boost your blog readership, posting and appearance

Quick plugin update: I’ve come across five plugins that I thought might be worth downloading: to increase readership, reading times, and reader retention rates. Then you can improve your blogging speed by using templates, switching posts to pages, and making your first page look sophisticated! #1. Unblockable Popup MaxBlogPress Unblockable Popup is a plugin that allows your website… Read More »

Blog Editing Tools: 3 great tools plus one.

These days there are so many good blogging tools it’s hard to know which one to use. But there are three that are worth mentioning. Qumana: a blog editor that allows you to use their adservice, too! Of the three tools I like, it’s the ONLY one available as a cross-platform blog editor! BlogDesk: a simpler tool that… Read More »