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Making Money: EntreCards Launches Ad Network

I’ve been running a small EC promotion for the past few months, and I’ve had over 20 signups for my mailing list! Thanks, guys! Of course, I’m still running the promotion so there’s still time to make a little extra EC before you are able to sell them starting next week! Sign up now! Oh, and the feed’s… Read More »

Marketing a Website in Two Languages: WordPress Can Do it – Easily

For many sites, a unilingual setup is fine as you are marketing to a defined body of readers who primarily communicate in one language, their mother tongue. Occasionally, though, you need a website that markets in two languages (or potentially more) to a more disparate group of readers. That’s when the limitations of WordPress can be frustrating: you… Read More »

Making a blog bilingual: it can be done easily in WordPress

I finally figured out how to make our website largely bi-lingual (English and Chinese). The pages, sidebars and footers have all been done. I’m now able to drive traffic to the different segments. And all within WordPress. I have separated the pages into Chinese and English groups, but the bloggings themselves are still the same. However, the changes… Read More »

WosServer: Tweaking Your Blog for your Stick Part 2

After yesterday’s little experiment, I began playing with the WosServer and found some little tricks for bloggers, would-be marketers or developers. If you already have a blog or site that you are working with that is live, you can create a full version on Wos. It’s a little fussy but you can do the following things… For parts… Read More »

Blogging Tools: Wos Server – a useful tool in your armoury

Ages ago, I wrote about how you could put your applications on a stick. For the inveterate blogger, tinkerer, and under-the-hood kind of guy/girl, you can also put a blog on a stick with WordPress, and (almost) everything you need. The only caveat: the blog is not (nor should be) live for security reasons. Look closely at the… Read More »

Hosting Courtesy of

I’m offering two different plans right now. All of these plans offer a variety of support or mentoring to help with establishing your website. Getting Started Before you pay a penny, I will contact you to find out your needs, your skill levels and web hosting management needed. I will then offer you a proposal which we can… Read More »

Broken Promises: A Blogger Confesses…

Yes, it’s true. I have let my readers down on a number of occasions over the past few years. You see, I was thinking about all the things I started on this blog, but never quite finished, including several large projects on this blog… I never seemed to finish them at all. 1. Introduction to Blogging. 2. Quick… Read More »

Why I quit Izea, Payperpost and SocialSpark

About two and a bit years ago, I started working for a company that was called PayPerPost. In essence, it was a simple concept: get advertisers to pay bloggers for posts about products and services that interest them. Over the past two years, I blogged on a huge variety of opportunities for PayPerPost (and much less so, SocialSpark).… Read More »

Would you like to create a blog for your company or existing site?

This was written as a proposal for a project last year. I thought I would share the outlines for readers interested in blogging part- or full-time or looking to develop a portfolio for an existing static site. ————————- Are you considering having a blog to complement your existing website? Do you need help to get started with the… Read More »