Buzz: Website Grader – Grade your website and evaluate your SEO!

Website Grader blends over 50 different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others, to evaluate the quality of a website, provide comparable data for other sites, and tips on how to improve yours.


I was intrigued so I decided to run a number of websites through the grading and came up with some interesting stuff.

johnchow grades

This report for JohnChow Dot Com graded his site at 99.6%. While this doesn’t really surprise me, for sites that score lower grades, a comparison can be quite instructive. So I ran my own blog through this site.

investorblogger grades

So the grade is a little lower, probably because of the fewer Diggs, fewer Bloglines accounts, and the fewer bookmarks. They do provide a download ebook so that you can pick up a few tips, I’m just reading it now.

It’s always fun to rate your site and see how it measures, but really the whole blog thing is simply about how much traffic you get anyway. So don’t let this be another Blogging Dead End.