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Rant: Just whose blog is it anyway?

I used to post on the GeekySpeaky Forums and there was a real community for a longtime, until the admin decided to purge the forums of all less frequently accessed accounts. That was mine included. It was a foolish action because it killed the community totally. Now the community is a morgue: most discussion is gone, the occasional… Read More »

To Blog or Not To Blog: More is not always better!

For a few months I was toying with the idea of separating my blogs into different ‘channels’. The upside was that this would generate a lot of more targeted reading matter for targeted readers. I noted already that visitor times and pages were much better than before. However, I noted a number of problems that caused me some… Read More »

Bugged by Spam: Ban These IP Addresses with WP-Ban

Are you being bugged by spam comments on your blog? While it’s likely they come from a vast array of IP addresses, I’ve found that I control most of them by banning just a few IP addresses. You can use my updated list below. If you want to add some IP addresses, do let me know by adding… Read More »

WordPress 2.7 – Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait To Upgrade WordPress Today!

With the recent and much anticipated release of WordPress 2.7, I was reluctant to upgrade some of my blogs because of past foibles, bugs and unexpected incompatibilities with plugins. So when I read that 2.7 was released, I was initially reluctant to upgrade ANY of my blogs. So I started with a couple of them, and updated, tested… Read More »

Paid Blogging – Round 1: PayPerPost vs. ReviewME – Which shows you the money?

In this post, I would like to share with you my own personal experiences of writing paid posts for my blogs. I won’t go into the nittygritty details of each system, but I will try to share the positive and the negative of each system and what results (if any) I had with each of them. Be aware,… Read More »

The Virtual Egg Basket: Don’t put your ‘eggs’ in one basket.

There’s common wisdom that you should put all your eggs in one basket, then watch over it like a hawk. But if like me, you manage a number of domains, customer sites, and blogs, this is somewhat disastrous if your primary host does go down. Fact is even if a hosting company promises you that you will have… Read More »

Is Payperpost experiencing slow business? Why the $1.00 offers?

Is Payperpost experiencing slow business? I recently received an email from Ted at Payperpost who writes: As you know we recently made some changes to the PayPerPost platform. While the feedback regarding our interface refinement has been great, we have also received some concerns relating to our pricing adjustments. I am sensitive to your pricing feedback and would… Read More »

Spam, Ham: What do you do with over 1000 of them in your comments queue?

After New Year, I came back to a huge glut of spam in my database! I hadn’t configured a standard plugin because I thought the blog would go relatively unnoticed! Boy! Was I wrong or what? The queue contained over 1000 spams, that didn’t include spam in my comment plugin either. So how do you deal with a… Read More »

Ping Your Sitemap For Search Engines: The Manual Way

If you are unfortunate enough to not have access to a tool or plugin to automatically ping your sitemaps on your site for you, you can still do this manually, and it’s pretty effective. A good example of this is a static site which doesn’t have the content update very often.  Simply prepare a simple page with these… Read More »