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Infographics: Powerful to Use, but Consider Your Audience

Infographics are a powerful way to get your message across, and they are being increasingly use to do so in contexts where quick & effective communication is essential: social websites, presentations, and other more fleeting media environments. However, to be effective a number of factors need to be taken into account: including size of the graphic, the speed… Read More »

Additional (overlooked) Tips on Internet Security

Recently two of my accounts were hacked from Turkey while I was asleep. I’m not sure exactly what was looked at, what was copied without my knowledge, or what additional damage there was. Ever since then I’ve become a tad paranoid about online security, Edward Snowden’s revelations notwithstanding. But there are a couple of steps that I’ve taken… Read More »

Needing a little inspiration!

I’ve become a fan of Pat Flynn’s podcast at So I thought I’d write him a letter as a way of finding I hope a little inspiration! Dear Pat, Been listening to your podcast and reading your website. I’m in a bit of a quandary… let me explain. I built two popular websites but each in turn… Read More »

WordPress 2.9 is out: Are you ready?

I logged into one of my blogs today to see that WordPress 2.9 is already out! I’ve updated a couple of my sites already, and I’m noticing several improvements, including a slightly snappier speed on some actions. But the biggest news is the addition of a trash bin so when you go to delete your posts, they’re archived… Read More »

Zemanta LiveWriter Plugin Great little plugin for Live Writer

Thought you bloggers out there would appreciate this little tool. A plugin for Windows LiveWriter that adds extra functionality right inside your blogging platform, with access to videos, images, stories and other stuff that you can search for and blog about if you are looking for writer’s inspiration. Zemanta LiveWriter Plugin | Zemanta Ltd. I’ve used their Zemanta… Read More »