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Blog Design Update: Baby steps…

Thanks to Michael Kwan’s review, I was able to get some excellent feedback on my overall layout of the blog, to which I’ve already left some comments! I’d like to check back every so often, to detail my progress. He suggested the following points: * Lose the Related Posts on the index page…. Gone. * Too many categories…… Read More »

John Chow did it. MacEwan did it. Can you?

It’s wonderful to watch people succeed on their blogging kicks. John Chow succeeded last year to create a well known PR5 blog. I’ve been busy working to build this blog since 2004. Now I came across this wonderful story (video!) from Robert Alexander MacEwan who runs the blog at He recently announced that he made $2,000 in… Read More »

Comment Spam: How do you tackle it?

How do you guys deal with comment spam? I have been using Akismet and Spam Karma, both of which have deal wonderfully well with most types of comment spam. Unfortunately, though, there is a type of comment spam that is manually submitted and can pass even the most strict SK tests, including captcha. I was browsing one of… Read More »

Quick Linking: PR + Fake PR, a Scam, and WP

Here’s some interesting reading from around the net. Cash Quests writes about how “Google Abandons PageRank“ Has Google abandoned their PageRank algorithm that so many of us use to make money online? My prediction is “Yes!” Andrew Talk writes about a scam that is affecting non-US Residents who want to open a US bank account. Dr. Michael Roizen… Read More »