Rant: Just whose blog is it anyway?

I used to post on the GeekySpeaky Forums and there was a real community for a longtime, until the admin decided to purge the forums of all less frequently accessed accounts. That was mine included. It was a foolish action because it killed the community totally. Now the community is a morgue: most discussion is gone, the occasional spam is still there. I did salvage my post about blogging so here is my rant.

“It’s funny, the more blogs I read, the more I discover how other people DEEPLY want to tell me how to write my blog:…

It’s not something unique to PPP, BTW. It seems every where from ProBlogger onwards.

And the odd thing is: the more that the language is couched as imperatives and obligatory language, the less I could care.

Why should all my titles start with “5 Things you wish you knew before you got out of bed” crappy titles… Really, is this Cosmopolitan magazine or what? I know BTW, I like Cosmo. But it seems that the whole of the US publishing industry is writing magazine stories drawing on the same textbooks the editors studied in college.

I used to subscribe to a computer magazine for YEARS until I wrote to them protesting at the increasingly Inanity of their story titles, and topics. I was a loyal reader. The terrible thing is: it’s gotten worse, not better since then.

So I switched to a real magazine for PC stuff from the UK, and took a real breather… but in many ways: CNN’s journalism standard has fallen into line with the same ideas as COSMO, and it’s sorely depressing.

So you’ll rarely find titles on my blog that start with numbers, … and I’m sure I break quite a few BLOG POLICE rules, but it’s my blog after all.”

What do you think? Do readers all follow the same mindset or is this what we’ve all been brainwashed to accept as REAL blogging?