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Is Google Treating All Bloggers Equally… Oh, really?

I was following an interesting thread about TechCrunch, and Michael Arrington’s discussion when I began to wonder: does TechCrunch really use no_follow in his tags? True enough, he does, sometimes. But then I looked at one post which you can find here. And I couldn’t find a no_follow anywhere in this segment. Yet each link is outbound to… Read More »

Google vs. You the User: Who’s working for whom?

Is it time to be rethinking our dependence on Google? It might be… Why? The American model of capitalism tends to create giant behemoths in many industries. While this obviously makes some things efficient, it also generates a huge backwash of effects that are less obvious. For us in the online world, Google’s Page Rank ‘bomb’ has devalued… Read More »

Tips: How many posts on your blog’s frontpage?

Over the months since I started blogging this blog, I’ve tried a number of different variations of the front page: columns on the left or the right, one column (or two or three or more), many themes, images, etc. but I didn’t pay much attention to one question: How many posts should you have on your frontpage? It’s… Read More »