Broken Promises: A Blogger Confesses…

Yes, it’s true. I have let my readers down on a number of occasions over the past few years. You see, I was thinking about all the things I started on this blog, but never quite finished, including several large projects on this blog… I never seemed to finish them at all.

  • 1. Introduction to Blogging.
  • 2. Quick introduction to WordPress (only got to lesson 7).
  • 3. Posting reviews for all the companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Averages.
  • 4. A daily posting schedule.
  • 5. Monthly Income Reports.
  • 6. More disclosure on personal finances.
  • 7. New blogs, subsequently closed and remerged.
  • 8. Can you spot any more?…

When you blog, there are so many things that can catch your eye if you are as unfocused as I was that it’s easy to be sidetracked. And I am. Easily sidetracked. Really.

I guess I will have to work harder and smarter on posting to my blog. I could blame my tools, the awkwardness of scheduling posts and whatnot, but truthfully, it’s all my fault. All mine.

So, if you like reading InvestorBlogger, I do hope you’ll overlook the incomplete nature of posting in this medium… Now if I could find a tool to help me upload, schedule and routinely manage posts by the bunch rather than one by one! Perhaps I could improve on that, but don’t hold your breath!

How do you manage your posting schedule? Do you schedule posts months in advance? Or do you fly be the seat of your pants?