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10 Blogging Tools: Speed up your blogging with these tools – Qumana (part 1)

Blogging has gone crazy with the 70,000,000 plus blogs out there… But for a long time the tools for managing blogs were pretty basic. Now that’s no longer true. I’ve been compiling a list of the tools out there. I’ve tried most of them at one time or another with varying results. Blogging software is becoming increasingly common… Read More »

From BitchSlap to SmackDown – Why Google is just being DUMB!

There is still a palpable sense amongst many bloggers that Google’s recent slapdown of blogs PR rankings has created a lot of mistrust, misinformation, and misperception about Google’s intentions. But a number of truths are indeed self-evident: #1 Google is a search engine AND an advertising company. Increasingly, it is collating a lot of the world’s information through… Read More »