Buzz: don’t be an idiot – simple and neat!


Some websites really catch your attention! And this is one of them!

If you are wondering what all this is about, you can click on the image!

The idea is quite simple, if you know someone is being a real jack-ass, you simply let them visit this website!

Of course, it assumes that such a person has some self-awareness… there are people who wouldn’t know what the ‘hint’ was… And they’d act all surprised when you tell them!

So if your colleagues, friends, family or acquaintances are being stupid, this is the one for you to send!

Personally speaking, I’d be sending this to all the drivers I passed today:

who thought it was cool to overtake in the motorcycle lane,
who flashed their lights or tooted horns just to pass the car in front;
who tailgated,
who threw garbage out of the car window,
who ran red lights,
and (especially the driver on the highway between Tamsui and SanChih in a Ford Explorer with a sunroof) who thought it was cool to drive with his two kids hanging out of the top of the sunroof!

If you were one of those drivers, take yourself to this website now.