BuzzFEST #3: State of Confusion, not a Kink in sight!

It seems that I go the order inverted! #3 is going to appear before #2!

Still, here we go with #3 in my series of buzz blog type posts. The blog “State of Confusion” written by Natalie is the third candidate, and when I went to her blog, I found that a large brightly colored lady caught my attention. Very colorful! I wonder if she chose the name because of the Kinks’ album and song of the same name.


She’s calling herself a “stay at home mommy” blogger! But her blog really takes her place, even though she can’t get out so much at the moment! Her blog covers a range of topics including

Rough Night and BBQ chicken “recipe”; 10,000 Steps and her exercise and diet program; and My Love of Baseball.

I usually like to link to individual posts but I couldn’t because of the limitations of her choice of theme in BlogSpot. I also found it difficult to find any posts on particular themes or ‘categories’. Nor did Natalie use ‘tagging’ to help readers find what they were looking for.

It’s a good blog, but I’d strongly suggest that you look to including tags or categories and make it easier for people (your readers) to find their way around.

Keep writing, and perhaps one day we’ll be able to have BBQ Chicken together! That’d be nice.

If you’d like a blogbuzz for your blog, just visit the homepage, link to the blog as described and DROP ME A NOTE telling me that you’re ready! And if you’re interested, do check out the blogs and see what they’re saying! They’re linked at the bottom!

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