Buzz: ManyBooks dot net – really does have many books!

I recently stumbledupon this interesting website called that I thought I would give a quick buzz posting because of the wealth of information on it. With the increasing amount of restrictions being placed on media, including movies, music, on the Internet; and the serious likelihood that books, magazines and newspapers will eventually be similarly limited by IP restrictions. The recent Amazon innovation called Kindle increases the possibility that books may go digital as CDs already have.


I love websites like this that encourage books and literature to become global as an educational resource for people everywhere.  I particularly like the multi-format that is encouraged, including the new Kindle format, PDFs and many others.

In fact, for the version of “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” there were more than 20 different formats, and an AudioBook version. Much of the work for this website comes from the well-known Project Gutenberg.

So, if you’re stuck with nothing to read on your PDA, Blackberry, iPhone or whatever… you might want to read a few classics, essays or more recent innovations.