Buzz: Gothic – a real peach!


Well, as part of my Buzzes for June, I’ve been going through the list of blogs who would like a buzz… Second time lucky is Gothic-Peach.Net.

Charity’s done a good job with this blog. She’s got some neat features, too, including a theme switcher at the top right! As a PPP blogger, she’s also done a pretty neat job earning herself a cool $550 as a member of PPP. She’s also given herself a PR4 ranking, which really is very respectable! (Boo! Hoo! This blog used to be a PR5 before I knew what it meant!).

A couple of suggestions: do think about changing your page references, to make them more SEO friendly, as well as reader friendly; also, many people use myBlogLog instead of BlogCatalog (or as well as) . I know I prefer MyBlogLog though I have a membership of both! BTW, I’m quite curious about the blog name… Why did you choose it?

Wishing your blog increased rank and readership, Charity! This is a blog buzz, so it’s short and sweet! If you’d like a short blog buzz, do let me know!