Not quite web 2.0?

By | June 21, 2007

creditcardnetworkI’ve won a bid on SponsoredReviews to write a review of the following website called YourCreditNetwork. Naturally, this is a good opportunity to review another Credit Card Website that aims to help consumers research, compare and apply for credit card offers that they would like, whether they are for balance transfers, bonus points, airmiles or whatever.

Variety of Cards

In fact, YourCreditNetwork offers information about no less than ten (yes, 10!) types of cards that consumers might find of value. These credit card offers come from sixteen of America’s best credit card companies. This is quite a selection. In addition, there are different ways to splice the data found at the website.

Detailed Data

Within each data item, the consumer will find several items: a general description, a rating out of five points, basic stats, and a list of features. You will also see a blog post and a button for applying now. There is usually a review of the credit card, though the credit card information is somewhat credit card company fact sheet.

Positive Features

For generating affiliate sales, this website has a lot of good features: apply now buttons are everywhere, there is an abundance of information about the credit cards, too. Moreover, some elements of interactivity give the customer the feeling of access to information, if not the ability. In addition, the site is nicely designed with pleasing images (few but appropriate) and an obvious layout for the most part. Customers will find it easy to navigate the screen. There is also a regularly updated blog called “Credit Card Blog” which provides the latest information on offers and regular articles on credit card advice.

Ratings: not rated highly!

Challenges abound, though. As a data-driven site, the search features are quite limited to clicking on categories. There’s no way to search for cards via interest rates, or ratings. In addition, there’s no indication that any of the information could be construed as independent. The ratings, for example, are printed without any clear explanation of how they are derived. Mmm. How’s about a poll like feature for customers to log in and vote on the cards? There is no obvious contact information, either, apart from an email address.


There are plenty of options to make this website much more sticky so that people do repeat business. Build a truly interactive environment with polls, forums, chat, postings, and other interactive features, not just RSS. Building repeat business with a high quality website will surely benefit your Credit Card Network by separating it from the also-rans.

Right now, there isn’t so much that is compelling to visitors to add your website to their favorites. In other words, without advertising your site, there isn’t much to drive visitors.So embrace Web 2.0 and really create an interactive website, not just an excuse for one. Your visitors will thank you for that by turning up in droves.

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