BlogBuzz 2008

In 2007, InvestorBlogger Dot Com ran a very successful campaign to increase awareness, earn a little linklove, and have fun… I came across some great people! So check out some of my favorites from the campaigns last year…

(If I forgot you, I apologize, but I didn’t keep a complete list!)

The campaign details are simple:

* 1. just write 50 words about InvestorBlogger (this blog) in your blog and
* 2. link to one or two specific posts in my blog (you can choose!)!
* 3. don’t forget to link to the BlogBuzz page here!
* 4. then just contact me via the form on this page!

It’s THAT Easy!

There are only 30 slots for the blog buzz over the month! But I’ll be looking for other ways to help bloggers, old and new get publicity for their blog! so Stay Tuned! Some slots will be from the SocialSpark equivalent program, others will be from this blog.


Once you drop me a note courtesy of my contact form, with the link to your blog buzz; I’ll get to work! Expect your blogbuzz in about 24-48 hours or do a comment in this thread, and I’ll check out your website post (hey, some traffic!), then I’ll look for something to blog about! And I’ll throw in a JPEG screenshot!

The Buzz is open until May 31st at the latest! So what’s holding you back!?

Buzzes Done or in the works!

  1. Blog Buzz! is 8 enough?
  2. Buzz: Craig is in the News!
  3. Mums Finance pending!
  4. We all need a little buzz
  5. My Opinion Counts pending!
  6. Buzz: Our Computer Guy
  7. – How to run a Scraper Blog!



Get them in now, there are only 22 more to go!

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