New Advertiser Shout Out: AnyCredit Car Finance and Urgent CashLoan

I’d like to welcome two new advertisers to the blog: “AnyCredit Car Finance” and “Urgent CashLoans” both companies which provide financing for diverse applicants in the UK and US markets respectively.

#1: AnyCredit Car Finance recently joined InvestorBlogger Dot Com by purchasing advertising from us.


AnyCreditFinance provides “Car loans to suit you”, as advertised on its website, for the UK market. Their products include car loans, payment protection and car insurance. It might be worth checking them out before you purchase your car, at the very least to see how well their deals compare with other deals you can find. On the website front, it’s a nicely laid out website, with good graphics, a nice web 2.0 feel, and quite responsive servers. It would be nice to see features that encourage drivers and car purchasers to come back: forums, a blog perhaps, and social web* awareness.

(ed. added ‘web’ to clarify the meaning).

#2: UrgentCashLoan has been with us for a few weeks now.

urgent cashloan

UrgentCashLoan is a website that aims to provide payday loans online to US markets for those who need such a service. They differentiate themselves from other more informal lending by saying “visiting your local pawn shop or borrowing money from friends and family”. Such payday services are becoming increasingly common online, so it’s clear that there is a ready market for such services, whatever one thinks. Despite the high interest rates, the loans are usually for short periods. UrgentCashLoan provides services from a number of related companies.

Disclaimer: InvestorBlogger has received compensation from these companies for advertising, but does not intend to provide readers with advice particular to your own situation. Before you use any companies mentioned in our postings, consider your own situation carefully. You should also find an independent financial adviser to discuss the details of any loan, investment, credit card decisions, etc. that you make.

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