Buzz: Is 8 enough? Buzz #1 out of 30

2008 launches InvestorBlogger’s new series of Buzzes… So if you’d like a little free advertising for your blog, just hop on over to the main page for this buzz and follow the instructions!


Of course, not everyone is as shrewd as the blog owner of Is 8 Enough as she grabbed the very first slot! Well done! This blog is brightly colored and quite attractively so. The author lives in the US, and she writes of herself:

“I am a 40 year old SAH Wife (of 18 years), Mother of 8 (ages 21-1), and Grandmother of 1 and eagerly anticipating grandbaby #2. I enjoy cooking and baking, sewing and quilting, painting, gardening, reading, digiscrapping, surfing the ‘net, organizing, and hanging out with my family.”

I was going to link to some good categories, but I noted that there are none on the blog! Woops! The posts are clearly categorized, but then I noted she wasn’t using proper permalinks, it’s all the standard WordPress formatting. Both of these made it difficult to find posts that weren’t on the front page. She does have a General Stuff category, though. Nor is there a search box… so readers have to know the WordPress search syntax! I did enjoy the posts about Grandfather Clocks and the CuisinArt Food Processor.

I’d be inclined to fix these pretty fast! Otherwise browsing your blog is pretty difficult! Good luck on your blog and keep in touch!

And if you are looking for a buzz, do find your way to the buzz page! There are only 28 slots left in 2008’s program! So what are you waiting for?

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