Affiliates Income: Real Dollars, Real Sense

Affiliates: Old and New

Steve, of fame, was telling me a couple of weeks ago that he was becoming much more interested in Affiliate Marketing and Blogging. He’s not quite ready to set up any blogs, but we’re going to be talking about Affliate Programs a lot more together and on InvestorBlogger.

Personally speaking, I’ve had an Amazon account for ages and been an Affiliate for almost as long. Over that time, I’ve earned about $32.72 in all those years, that I haven’t accounted for in my earnings and that’s mostly because I forgot!

InvestorBlogger has its own Bookstore page at which is maintained by Associate-O-Matic software. I’m currently using the Lite Version which is free but has some limitations. I’ll blog about this soon. I’m planning to upgrade when I earn the price of an upgrade!

Voxant has created the NewsRoom which allows you to place stories on your blog as well as video and earn money from the ads screened. I’ve already added several stories in my blog. It hasn’t made me a lot of money so far because the traffic isn’t so great, but I added it because it is a good way to have video and earn a little pocket money.

AdultFriendFinder is a recent addition. AdultFriendFinder Ads are well known over the Internet for their more ‘adult’ offerings. The service I chose is more appropriate though for this blog, called MillionaireMate. Click on the advert on the left to check out what it offers clients. Then check out the Affiliate Program. You can, of course, sign up under me!

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