Buzz: Christmas Maps and Contest!

The Season of Advent is upon us officially now… Advent usually begins on the first Sunday in December, and is the beginning of the Church Year in the Western churches. I was pleasantly reminded of this by a surprise buzz request from a website called Christmas Maps.


So Christmas Maps wants to help people find attractive Christmas Lights displays throughout the US, as well as draw some online attention to local business in these states… Yeah! A nice way to entertain people and make a little extra $$ for Christmas! Of course, no blog or website launch these days comes complete without a COMPETITION! To draw attention to the blog, you can leave a comment, post a link, write a buzz or whatever. There are some neat prizes, too. And, if you are a blogger, there are extra prize buzzes, too.

So, thanks, guys! I appreciate the link you gave me, and I’m going to be using a theme I found courtesy of your website for Advent and Christmas!

If you’d like a blogbuzz, like this one, then hop on over to Buzz your BlogFest, read the instructions, and sign up today. There are only 18 buzzes to go! I’m happy to say I’m extending the program until I reach 30 buzzes or Christmas comes first! So hurry before I forget!