– A little refresh, a whole new look!

agentschat Sometimes a refresh of your website theme can make a dull or jaded website seem brand-spanking new.

One of my hosting customers, recently upgraded their forums to the latest version of SMF updated with TinyPortal 0.98 and its associated Aero_TP theme.

While that gave a new set of tools to use, better forum management than PHPBB2.0.x and considerable administrator ease of use (install themes and plugins becomes much easier for one thing, …), the website got stuck with a slightly inappropriate theme. Enter our hero known as “Tasha” who refreshed the whole website by taking the primary graphic and introducing some nice touches to the styling.

There are a lot nice features that have been added, including a new Forum Icon and a complete set of icons for each area. There’s an improved graphic top left, and banner and right hand large banner with information about the area. Visually, it helps the website to stand out from the competition, by distinguishing it via its appearance.

If you are thinking about how to distinguish your website, it’s worth giving thought to the appearance. There are already too many blogs out there using a similar theme, and design! I, for one, know this as there are several other finance-related blogs that use the same theme as I do! I sometimes visit them, and forget that I’m no longer on my own site! If that happened to you, too, then perhaps it’s time to refresh your theme!

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