2007 July Results – Nothing to write home about

Well, July’s results are in and they aren’t impressive at all, except in one important respect. Details first.

By comparison even with June’s results, July’s results are an apparent disappointment, but that is for one reason more than any other.

Payperpost: $34.00
Google : $8.40
SR/ReviewME/Other : $0.00
Adlinks : $67.56
Stocks: $106.96
Hosting : $0.00
Bank A/C Interest : $19.54
Business: $61.54
Total: $298.00

I’ve pretty much reduced my reliance on Payperpost for Blog Income, partly because I’m just not finding opportunities that are worth the effort. Indeed, there are almost 40,000 bloggers in the network now; so it’s getting harder to find suitable opportunities, more so as I’m about 12 hours different.

After reinstating Google Adsense, I played about with the placement for a while, but once it settled down, income is slowly increasing. Text Link Ads are also increasing month-on-month. Stock dividends were quite high, too! Hah! The last variation in my account was a small bonus from our business for the success of our promotions in July, which resulted in additional enrollments.

Traffic this month jumped with being stumbled earlier this month. However, for about 5 days, the Google Stats code was broken, so no results were recorded. Despite this, we recorded just over 1041 visits, with 1681 page views. I would have like to have reached 1000 unique visitors this month, but the outage prevented that!

Naturally, this would have much higher if things had been working. Interestingly, the average time spent by visitors on this site was 8 minutes and 12 seconds. Also reducing the number of pages in Google’s Supplementals Hell initially affected traffic from Google, but it has recovered, mostly in July.

Whither now? Well, as you noted, PPP income really is down, and I have no idea what’s going on with Sponsored Reviews. Other sources of income, with no direct effort (Passive Income?), are now showing signs of life: Adsense, Text Links, etc. So in fact this month, over 2/3rds of the income was passive. That’s a good standard.