Sponsored Reviews: Improving, but still opportunities lost

After reviewing the Sponsored Reviews a few months ago, and getting a great comment response from Jarrod Hunt who promised to tackle the problems I had experienced. There have been a number of improvements in the way that the site operates, but I recently checked my stats. They are not impressive.

Out of a total 40 possible projects, I have managed to complete only 7.5%. Another 25% have been rejected (which is fine – I’m glad that the advertiser took the time to look at my offer!).

But the underlying problem with SR’s review system still remains. In fact, the situation seems to get worse, not better as nearly 2/3rds of the reviews that I have responded have either gone unanswered or simply expired.

This is a significant failure to make deals on the part of the advertiser, the blogger, and the intermediary (ie. SR itself). Now this is a pity… Especially since each time that a deal fails to be made, SR’s potential for a fee disappears. Moreover, success in the first campaign would encourage SR’s advertisers and bloggers to come back more often, and do even more deals!

Jarrod, you need to find a way to speed up the dealing system; eliminate some of the reasons that campaigns go unfulfilled; and build confidence in the site! SR has a lot of potential to offer a good alternative to ReviewME, but it is shooting itself in the foot right now!