Winning a Prize:


GeekySpeaky are running a competition, the prize for which is a rather cool portable hard drive – a Western Digital 80GB Portable Hard Drive, no less. Here’s the piccie for you to ogle:…

There is even a booby prize for second place, though you will have to visit GeekySpeaky (with great forums, interesting posts, and a wonderful hostess!) to find out what that delightful prize could be… unless you are getting married and need a singer, you won’t know what this is!

To win a prize, visit the blog above and then enter the competition as you wish. You can have as few as one ticket or many more!

Of course, I should really divert all traffic to one other website, so that I stand a greater chance of winning! Shh! Don’t tell too many people how great the portable hard drive is, how useful it can be to people who have hundreds of pictures, and movies, and MP3s, and who hate, yes, HATE, to carry notebook pcs… Otherwise Colleen will receive approximately 2.3 billion entries… I do want to keep my chances as high as possible….

Disclaimer: by posting this to my blog, I earn extra tickets to win the drive. I know, isn’t it shameless!? But hey, if I win, I promise I’ll post pictures of the hard drive when it arrives, and a happy face!