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Buzz: Linkfest Haven drives traffic to your blog everyday

It’s rare to have a new way to attract traffic these days. But Linkfest Haven Deluxe aims to do that. It will utilize the trackback feature that is inbuilt to attract traffic. It’s still a relatively quiet little phenomenon at the moment. But once InvestorBlogger blows this feature sky high on his blog, there’ll be thousands of people… Read More »

Buzz: Trusted Tours & Attractions in San Francisco- Sign up and win an iPod!

It was January 1998, my wife and I had just moved house to Tienmou in Taipei, and despite everything being a mess, we still decided to take a much delayed (and much needed) honeymoon to Hawaii, San Francisco and Northern California. I do have some of the pictures I took then, but it’s difficult to find them from… Read More »

Settlement Capital Corp.: creating image, authority and presence in your industry

Getting an extra pair of eyes to look over your website can be a very useful way to gain feedback on your website’s strengths and weaknesses. I’m writing a full review for the Settlement Capital’s website, courtesy of LinkWorth. In this review, we’ll briefly explore what structured settlements are, Settlement Capital Corporations, and their website.What is Settlement Capital?… Read More »