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Dead End Blogging: Blog Charlatans vs Blogging Truths

Introducing the new occasional series called “DEAD END Blogging”… What is DEAD END Blogging? When you’re driving you occasionally will see this street sign … It clearly indicates that the road ahead ends soon, and that you will have to turn back and take another route to your destination. This series of short posts encourages bloggers (myself included)… Read More »

Google Tip of the Day: Submit your content to Google, and more…

I was pleased to see that Google made it really easy for webmasters to submit their content to Google’s Engines of Search. The page details almost every content-related site within Google that I can think of and is a valuable reference for would-be webmasters. So if you are looking to get your website in Google’s search engine, you… Read More »

Nozkidz: Online and Offline Promotion for a Real World Business

Well, the last few days have been pretty busy as we’ve been pursuing both online and offline audiences for our school. So we’ve now managed to establish a fully bilingual website, with our own Blog in English. Offline, we’ve been promoting our classes with Teaching Demos, Activities, Flyers, and meet’n’greet style promos. It’s all been hard work, but… Read More »

June Income Report on InvestorBlogger Dot Com

It’s July 1st, we’ve reached the half-way through the year, and the stockmarkets are in a dive, ad revenues are falling, and oil is way up! How are we doing on InvestorBlogger? Well, in some ways it’s a very mixed bag.. here goes… Background In June, as many of you know, I spent nearly a week re-arranging the… Read More »

Buzz: Linkfest Haven drives traffic to your blog everyday

It’s rare to have a new way to attract traffic these days. But Linkfest Haven Deluxe aims to do that. It will utilize the trackback feature that is inbuilt to attract traffic. It’s still a relatively quiet little phenomenon at the moment. But once InvestorBlogger blows this feature sky high on his blog, there’ll be thousands of people… Read More »

Get YOUR Blog some publicity!

For individual bloggers everywhere getting traffic to visit your website is something of a challenge: InvestorBlogger is here to help! If you are a blogger, and you are writing regularly quality posts for your readers, then do feel free to choose one of the following ways to get additional traffic!

10 PR7 Directories: Submitting won’t hurt you!

I don’t generally submit to a lot of online directories, figuring it isn’t so useful. But I just came across a list of 10 PR7 Directories on the main page. So if you are looking to build traffic and ranking, you may want to start with this basic list. http://www.blogcatalog.com/ http://blogflux.com/ http://www.blogpulse.com/index.html http://www.blogdigger.com/ http://www.blogarama.com/ http://www.blogrankings.com/ http://www.bloghub.com/ http://blogstreet.com/ http://www.getblogs.com/… Read More »