Buzz: Trusted Tours & Attractions in San Francisco- Sign up and win an iPod!

It was January 1998, my wife and I had just moved house to Tienmou in Taipei, and despite everything being a mess, we still decided to take a much delayed (and much needed) honeymoon to Hawaii, San Francisco and Northern California.

san francisco

I do have some of the pictures I took then, but it’s difficult to find them from those Geocities HomePage days! I’ll be adding a few from those days if I can find them! So when I had a chance today to write this post about San Francisco, I grabbed it!


Trusted Tours and Attractions is the name of the company seeking this ‘buzz’ and, of course, from the name, you can tell it’s a tour company offering quality tours and tickets to attractions in leading cities in the United States of America. Naturally, these packages offer special pricing for visitors.


During our time we took several wonderful trips, some of which are on offer from Trusted Tours and Attractions: including San Francisco City Tour, Napa Valley Wine Tour, San Francisco Museums and Galleries, and the trip to Chinatown.


We managed to pack a lot of excitement into just those six days. We visited the pier, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a bunch of other places that you’d recognize from movies…! I was quite surprised at the time by how many places I already recognised! San Francisco has to be one of the most photographed cities in the world!


As part of the promotion of its service, Trusted Tours and Attractions is announcing a competition for visitors to sign up to their Trusted Travel eNewsletter, and they’ll be giving away an iPod Nano. You have to sign up before December 31st, 2007. I’m already on it myself!


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