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From TYTN to Taiwan: 5 Stories for bloggers and techies

In this post, you’ll read about money making, Asus Eee-PC, Google PR, Hitech and Iphone Knock-offs. To get rich sometimes doesn’t require the smartest of ideas, in fact, NicheGeek describes some ‘stupid’ ideas that have made lots of money. Of course, I’d have to include the Pet Rocks craze as my number 11 on that list! It’s worth… Read More »

Typhoon Weather: October 5th and 6th.

I’m used to posting daily updates on this website, but unfortunately on October 5th~6th, Taiwan is facing a large and powerful Typhoon (or Tropical Storm) … It has heavy winds and rains, so it’s possible that my DSL connection to InvestorBlogger may be lost for a few days. We already have had most things canceled for the day,… Read More »

What is PanopticonAsia.com?

Panopticonasia.com is small online publishing company. We specialize in two areas that are of interest. The first is providing facilities for online academic journals; the second focus is creating unique blogs for individuals. Although we don’t have a specifically Asian focus, you’ll find that many of the website we’re involved with do have an Asian flavor, with their… Read More »

Digi-Cameras: Pictures of the North Coast of Taiwan

My wife and I have always enjoyed taking pictures with our assorted cameras, though I would hardly consider myself decent as a photographer. In fact, as we speak, she is sorting through our thousands of photographs and adding them to some photo frames that we never used… It reminded me of the hundreds of photos, negatives, and digi-images… Read More »

Do you want to be your own boss? 84% in Taiwan…!

Here’s an interesting story from the local press in Taiwan. Over 84 percent of office workers polled in Taiwan have great interest in starting their own business, according to the results of a survey released yesterday by an online employment service provider. Taiwan office workers want to be boss: poll – The China Post As a part owner… Read More »

Can you save electricity? Is it worth it?

When summer comes hot, as it usually is in Taiwan, the local electricity company takes advantage of the extra demand by increasing the electricity price. At this time of year, everyone becomes more conscious of the electricity that their family or business use. In Taiwan, domestic electricity consumption during most of the year is limited (domestically) to lights,… Read More »

Google for Broadband: Taiwan, HK and Korea

With increasingly large parts of the population connecting via broadband, esp. in Taiwan ADSL, Google has been running experimental new pages in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea that seek to take advantage of some of the extra bandwidth available to users. I’ve included a look that shows how the Google or iGoogle page looks in Taiwan at the… Read More »

When it’s hot in Taiwan, what do you do?

When it’s hot in summer, it’s HOT! Temperatures during the summer days are a hot and sultry 35C, it cools off at night, too. But not that much. Night time is a relatively cool 28-30C! So what do the locals do to keep cool…? Well, let’s follow my charming wife as she finds her way to a local… Read More »

How to lose customers: Pandora.com

Pandora’s service is without comparison: it allows you to find musical styles and within that research wonderful new artists that you wouldn’t otherwise find. This is what the website says about itself: Pandora is a music discovery service designed to help you enjoy music you already know, and to help you discover new music you’ll love. It’s powered… Read More »