Feeds on InvestorBlogger: Dollar Travels, Blogging Travails, Taiwan, and much more…

With the new software I’m using and a couple of plugins, I have been endeavouring to bring both summaries and full-posts to my readers as they wish. However, recently things went awry. I was able to spot the situation before it got out of hand! But it resulted in double posting in the main feed.

What feeds can you find on InvestorBlogger?

There are a number of sub-blogs on this domain now, each of which as its own feed.

1. The main feed: URL = https://www.investorblogger.com/feed/

This feed is the front door to the other blogettes, and is intended to feature the ‘best of…’ each of the other blogs for readers. It will also contain ‘lighter material’, basic information, and so on.

2. Dollar Travels Feed: URL = https://www.investorblogger.com/feed/

Dollar Travels contains the posts related to Personal Finance, and the remit is WIDE open. All topics are subsumed under “Just how far does your dollar go? Read on…”

3. Blogging Travails Feed: URL = https://www.investorblogger.com/feed/

Blogging Travails covers all the material on tech, blogging, making money online and much more. It’s off to a strong start.

4. Sticky Rice Feed: URL = https://www.investorblogger.com/taiwan/feed/

This sub-blog features picture posts, life in Taiwan, Politics, and all the other posts that don’t fit in anywhere else.

And …

… there is a whole site feed which includes ALL posts on the website. If you would prefer a higher frequency feed, then subscribe to that feed:

5. Whole InvestorBlogger and NOTHING BUT Feed: URL = https://www.investorblogger.com/?wpmu-feed=posts

Notes: I’m planning to publish both the main site feed and the Whole 100% Feed with one being summaries and the other full posts at some point, but my first attempts didn’t work properly at all. There are another few sub-blogs hosted on this URL, but I will feature them as time goes by. It’s likely that you may not wish to subscribe to all the posts, esp. if the volume of posts picks up. If so, please subscribe to the appropriate channel only.